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Puzzle. Using multimedia to involve people with intellectual disabilities to make easy to understand information

RIX has been using multimedia production as a way to enable people with intellectual disabilities to share their thoughts and views, tell their stories, make choices and take control of their lives for over 15 years.

On Project Puzzle we worked with people with intellectual disabilities and their educators and supporters to make easy to understand information in a way that is inclusive.

We worked with people from Lithuania, Greece and Poland. We made photo stories, video shorts and multimedia websites about our Human Rights.

We found that we could make information about our Rights easy to understand by sharing our hopes and dreams and looking at what we needed to do to achieve them.

We found barriers to getting the things in life that are our right, like access to money or the chance to go on dates or live with the people we want to live with.

We made information about the ways that we can overcome barriers.

We showed where you can get help and we made easy to understand information about what we wanted and how we have managed to achieve our rights.

We also made lots of instructions to help people work in the way we had worked, using multimedia and involving people with intellectual disabilities actively as producers of easy to understand material.






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